Who We Are

“We, at MGPanel, are a dynamic trading company specializing in providing innovative Aluminium Solutions. Our product range includes ACM (Aluminium Composite Materials) and an extensive selection of Aluminium Profiles, such as mill finish, powder-coated, anodized, and more. Backed by an experienced sales and marketing team, we are further supported by a dedicated Production and Technical team.

Having successfully executed numerous projects from Ghana to Austria, we are eagerly seeking new ventures from around the globe. Our capabilities extend to delivering comprehensive facade projects, handling everything from A to Z, including international installation by our experienced team.

Alternatively, we offer the option to supply customized materials, overseeing the entire process until safely delivered to our clients. Our commitment to customer satisfaction leads us to travel extensively, meeting projects firsthand. This not only fuels our motivation but also provides us with valuable international insights that we readily share with our customers.

If your focus involves Aluminium Composite Materials for Signage & Architectural purposes, you’ll soon cross paths with us if you haven’t already. We firmly believe in the power and versatility of Aluminium, and we look forward to the opportunity of contributing to your projects.”